About Me

Hi! I’m Katie and I started this blog after moving to my second city in less than a year as a place to document all the newness. My husband Mark and I live right outside Los Angeles in Pasadena, CA.

Mark and I married in September 2016 after meeting in college in Florida and dating for 6 years. We dated long distance for about 4.5 years and between us we’ve lived in 6 cities since we graduated. I started this blog after moving twice in one year– thinking it would be a fun way to document all the excitement of a new city and newly-married life.

We love to travel and explore all around Southern California. We enjoy cooking together and we’re always down to try a new restaurant or bar in town. To balance all the eating we’re both active in our local Crossfit gym, which has been a great way to meet friends!

Also, I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, I think Celine Dion is the best singer of all time and my favorite meal forever and ever is tacos and margs.

On this blog you’ll find pieces of our newlywed life and adventures, recipes, travel tips and plenty of other stuff in between. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!