February 13, 2018

Orange Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I’m one of those rare people who gets really jazzed for Valentine’s Day. I love it. I’m not saying I have to get flowers and go out to a fancy dinner, but I love the little things about the holiday. I love the candy + treats that surround it, obv… and I’m all about the cutesy decorations that are everywhere, the sweet cards and the excuse to watch a sappy love movie.

My mom always gave my siblings and I little gifts for Valentine’s Day (and she still does! The heart platter in the last photo is from her this year) and that always made the day extra special. I look forward to doing the same… one day. For now I’ll enjoy baking all the sweets and dishing them up to Mark and anyone else who comes near me.

So in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I baked up something special this past weekend and it may be a new favorite!

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January 18, 2018

Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbread

There is a cookie taking over your Instagram feed (if you follow a lot of baking blogs at least). And it is this masterpiece: Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbread. OMG. I’d been drooling over photos of this deliciousness for about a week before I knew I had to make it.

The recipe comes from Alison Roman’s new cookbook, Dining In and it’s been shared online by Bon Appetit. It’s made with lots of salted butter (something I never bake with) and chocolate chunks and the resulting treat is less like a chocolate chip cookie and more of a buttery shortbread.  My verdict after making these is that the most popular cookie on Instagram is definitely worth the hype!

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December 9, 2017

Chocolate Ganache Peppermint Cookies

Who else can’t believe it’s almost just two weeks ’til Christmas?? These past few weeks have flown by. Mark and I are in Tahoe this weekend and then it’s my 30th birthday weekend and then Christmas in Florida, so the year is going to be over before I know it.

In between all the busyness of the past few weeks, I have been trying to soak up all things Christmasy. I’ve been watching Christmas movies most nights and checking out all the pretty holiday decorations around SoCal.

I’ve also been trying out some new Christmas recipes like these incredible chocolate ganache peppermint cookies. They were a part of my 12 Cookies of Christmas post that I did back in November, and I finally got around to making them a few weeks ago.

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November 18, 2017

12 Christmas Cookie Recipes

I’m a firm follower of the no Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving rule and I don’t swap my pumpkins for mistletoe until the November holiday has passed, but I do think an exception can be made for holiday baking.

There are only six (!!) weekends left before Christmas, and with upcoming travel we won’t be at home in Pasadena for too many of them, so I definitely plan on baking this weekend.

I rounded up 12 festive cookie recipes to make this Christmas season and I plan on trying out at least one today!

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October 30, 2017

Gingerdead Sugar Cookies

Did anyone else binge-watch Stranger Things this weekend?? We managed to finish all 9 episodes even with a weekend full of fun activities– including two opportunities to wear our Halloween costumes! Stranger Things was awesome- I may have liked this season even better than the first. And as for Halloween, we decided to be the dancing Snapchat hotdogs– neither of us actually uses Snapchat lol but Mark got a kick out of the hotdog memes that popped up over the summer and the costume could be put together easily, soo I was down.

We wore our costumes to a Halloween workout at our gym on Friday and to a friend’s party on Saturday- and both times it was about 50/50 on people who got our costume and people who asked why we were wearing headphones haha.

I also made these spooky Gingerdead Men sugar cookies to bring to the party and was really happy with how they turned out so I want to share the recipe!

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