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February 15, 2018

The best Apres Ski gear

I’ve loved skiing since I was a kid, but one thing I’ve come to enjoy in recent years is the après part of skiing! There’s something soo nice about meeting up with your friends at the end of a long day on the slopes and sitting down to a drink or two.

In Mammoth, which we’ve been to a couple times this past year, there are so many fun bars- at the base of the mountain and at the peak and half way up. We’re going to Whistler for the first time this weekend and I’ve heard the mountain is MASSIVE so I’m excited to check out the après options there. In excited anticipation of our trip, I’m rounding up the best après ski gear!

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December 13, 2017

Skincare Routine for 30 year olds

My 30th birthday is less than a week away and this milestone birthday is when I’ve always told myself I would step up my skincare game and establish a routine.

It’s not that I’ve treated my skin poorly per say in my 20s, but I have definitely not put much time, effort or money into figuring out what works best for me.

I’ve always been a stickler about sunscreen (ask anyone who’s vacationed with me lol), but I’ve used the same Neutrogena moisturizer since I was in middle school and the idea of night creams, serums and retinol quite honestly overwhelms me.

So as I enter my 30s, one of my goals is to set up a skincare routine and stick to it. In this post I’m breaking down the 6 steps I plan to take and if you find all this a bit intimidating- like I did- then you may find this helpful!

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November 28, 2017

Christmas Gift List for Her

After sharing my Gift Guide for Him last week, I had to put together one for the gals (AKA you!)

My Christmas Gift Guide for Her is full of things I think would make the perfect gift for your BFF, sister, mom, co-worker or significant other. And this post could be useful to pass on to the guy in your life if he’s a tad clueless when it comes to shopping for you! Keep reading for all the details and don’t forget to check out my Holiday Gift Guide for Hostesses too!

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November 21, 2017

Christmas Gift List for Guys

Let’s face it, guys are not easy to shop for. While I give Mark ideas of things I like at least once a day lol, it’s not the same with him. I keep a running list of things he mentions offhand through the year, but it can still be hard to think of good ideas come Christmas.

Since guys can be so difficult to shop for, I thought I’d round up some favorites I’ve given Mark over the years along with some items he’s told me he’s into currently.

Everything on this list is man approved, so if you find yourself scratching your head about what to get your significant other, brother, dad, male coworker etc, read on for my Christmas Gift Guide for Guys!

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November 16, 2017

Fall wedding fashion

Mark and I traveled to Florida for my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. We caught a redeye Thursday night so we were able to spend some time in Orlando before the wedding which was great. (The redeye however, not so great. Almost-30-year-old bodies don’t bounce back from that so easily!)

The wedding was right outside Tampa so we got to eat brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Oxford Exchange, tried Top Golf for the first time, visited my aunt’s adorable shop and enjoyed lots of family time!

I absolutely love weddings and was so happy we were able to make it to this one. I love catching up with everyone, and the food and drinks and decor, and I also love reminiscing about our own wedding. Plus I enjoy the excuse to shop for something new;)

I rounded up a few dresses in this post that I think are perfect for a fall wedding. Jewel tones and fun textures are two of the things I’m into right now- like the royal purple lace dress from Anthropologie that I wore.

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