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January 4, 2018

4 easy New Year's resolutions

I can’t believe it’s 2018! I’m working to get back in the swing of things this week after time off from work, traveling to Florida for Christmas and Mammoth for New Year’s and coming down with a cold. I finally went back to the gym yesterday, stocked up on groceries and am making my way through a pile of laundry.

In between all the productiveness, I decided to take a few moments to think about my goals for the year ahead. Rather than make a list of lofty resolutions that will inevitably be forgotten, I was inspired to pick a ‘Word of the Year’ after seeing several bloggers I love do the same. The idea for picking a Word of the Year is for that chosen word to encapsulate all areas of life and serve as a reminder throughout the year. I think making big resolutions on Jan. 1 can be intimidating and this is just a way to have something to focus on year round rather than starting the year by telling myself I’m going to workout 5 days a week, give up fast food and get 8 hours of sleep each night (things that will totes never happen!)

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September 12, 2017

Crossfit myths debunked

It always surprises people when I mention that I do Crossfit. No, I can’t do 50 pull-ups (or even 1), no I’m not in a cult, and no I haven’t gained 20lbs of muscle. But, I have gotten rid of lower back pain that bothered me for years and I now look forward to working out in a way I haven’t since I rowed in college.

Crossfit gets a bad rep sometimes I think because people don’t understand it or all they see of the sport is super fit people doing crazy things on the internet. So it can seem intimidating and unapproachable. Since I’ve actually come to really enjoy it, I thought I’d debunk some of the myths I’ve heard about the sport or that people have asked/ said to me.

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